New Yorkers Agree: Libraries Make NYC Stronger

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Results of a new online poll of more than 1,000 New Yorkers, conducted by firm Change Research, make it abundantly clear: New Yorkers feel public libraries are irreplaceable cornerstones of New York City, especially for the city’s most vulnerable.

Libraries Play an Essential Role

  • 93% feel libraries are important to New York City

  • 95% agree that libraries further many important initiatives for New York City  

  • 93% agree that libraries are a cornerstone of all New York City communities

  • 84% agree libraries should receive an increase in funding

  • 63% say public libraries supplement public schools’ early education efforts

  • 62% say public libraries even the playing field for New Yorkers

Libraries Are for Everyone

More than 97% of respondents believe libraries benefit:

  • Children

  • Immigrants

  • Disadvantaged & Lower-Income People

  • Working Families

  • Senior Citizens

  • Students & Researchers

Without Libraries:

  • 95% say their communities and New York City would be impacted

  • 65% of library users would have limited access to books and the internet

  • 73% of respondents say children and teens in their community would have few or no alternative free out-of-school programs

These poll results come as the city’s three public library systems are struggling to cope with rising costs, increased demands, growing footprints, and aging buildings—while also facing budget cuts this year.

If funding for libraries is cut in the Fiscal Year 2020 budget, New York City’s libraries will face reduced hours, services, and staffing levels, resulting in a serious loss for New Yorkers.

This is why the city’s three library systems are asking for you to add your name in support of more public funding for libraries. Send a letter now asking the Mayor and City Council to invest in libraries.