2017 Report: Time to Renew: Update on the $1 Billion Maintenance Crisis in our Libraries

Two years ago, New York City’s three library systems released a report detailing the staggering infrastructure crisis in our branches. Today, this $1.1 billion crisis is far from over. While much progress has been made across our 216 branches thanks to the leadership of the Mayor and City Council, there is more to be done. From failing building infrastructure to malfunctioning mechanical systems and outdated technology, the list of critical needs in our libraries grows daily.

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2016 Report: Still Overdue–New Yorkers Need More Funding For Libraries

Last year, NYC made a significant investment in libraries, restoring $43 million of the $65 million that has been cut from the city’s three library systems since 2008. But more is needed. Funding for NYC libraries is still $22 million below 2008 levels, while demand for services and programs keeps growing. 

We present this report as an urgent appeal for continued City action on the infrastructure and program crisis in our branches. We take great pride in our libraries and their importance to local communities, and are committed to ensuring that they can continue to provide New Yorkers with the high quality service they expect and deserve.

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